Money Dashboard

Be a Money Dashboard star!

Our awesome Money Dashboard members have been such absolute stars in getting more and more people to join our community. Now we want to give you the chance to feature in our film to help with an upcoming round of funding. 

Check out the video above where Jossie speaks about what we're looking for!

To enter, simply film yourself on your phone, in landscape, and cover these three areas

·        How has using Money Dashboard transformed your life? What was life like before and after getting the app? How has it changed?

·        What’s your bug bear when it comes to hunting down the best financial products? How far will you go to find the best rates and deals?

·        Who have you recommended Money Dashboard to? What did you say?

Top tips for shooting your video:

·        Find a quiet spot to minimise background noise.

·        Hold your camera steady to stop the picture from shaking.

·        Ensure the room or area is well lit.

·        Smile!

Please send us your film (or films if you don’t shoot it all in one) to by 9 April.

In return, we’ll be giving our film stars extra member shares and some mystery bonus prizes for taking part.

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a message! The team will happily jump on a video call to help you with your recording.

Katie Fraser

Money Dashboard Team