Announcing Member Shares!

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Money Dashboard HQ, putting the finishing touches on our new Member Shares campaign. For those who haven’t seen the news, we’ve allocated 1 million member shares for our users, to give you a stake in our business and reward you for helping us grow.

What are member shares?

Member Shares act as a right to a payment when Money Dashboard is bought, as part of a deal that gives cash payments to its shareholders. While they’re not equity shares in the legal sense, and therefore don’t pay dividends or come with a fancy certificate, they fluctuate in value in line with the value of our company and allow users to cash in on the success of the company. Members receive 10 member shares just for signing up and can share their unique code with friends to earn more.

Why are we doing this?

Well, we’re passionate about achieving our mission to help millions of people lead happier, more successful lives and we’re strong believers in the need for a more transparent and fair financial landscape.

Member shares are the perfect way to align interests between Money Dashboard and its community of users. As our user base grows, so does our ability to generate revenue and therefore our ability to re-invest in creating even better tools that help people with their money.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. The purpose of Member Shares is simply to reward people who use our app and help us spread the word by inviting their friends.

Through the thousands of conversations we’ve had with our users, it’s clear that Money Dashboard genuinely helps people achieve their financial goals (just last month we released research on how just one login can roughly be equated to £10 saving for an individual). Our users constantly tell their friends about how our app could help them too, but until now there’s never been a formal structure through which we could reward you for doing so.

Great, how can I get involved?

Registration for Member Shares is open for a limited time only, from within the Money Dashboard app. On our web app, you’ll see a link to register in your navigation bar, and on Android & iOS you’ll find the link in your Settings menu. Creating your free Members account is as easy as setting a password, and you’ll get your first 10 member shares just for doing so. What are you waiting for?!

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