9 Clever Ways to Save Money

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Saving money isn't always about researching percentages and terms and conditions of bank accounts, credit cards, loans or, insurance policies, learning financial buzzwords and haggling with retailers. We have put together 9 ways to save money that won't tax the mind or body.

1.    End of Season Shopping

Now that the summer is coming to an end, items like beach towels, sunglasses, sun screen, and beachwear will be dropping dramatically in price. Buy these items in the sales for next year, and then do the same with winter wear in the spring.

2.    Freeze Your Leftovers

Throwing away your excess food is obviously wasteful, but who wants to eat the same meal two days in a row? If you want to use the last of your ingredients, don't be afraid to make a little too much and freeze the leftovers. They'll last longer without going off and you'll have an easy meal prepared for you already at some point in the future.

3.     Compact Florescent Bulbs

They last longer and they are better for the environment, why not?

4.    Washing Machine Efficiency

It takes the same amount of energy to power your washing machine whether it's full or not. Don't turn it on until you have a full load, and unless your clothes are really dirty, use a quicker cycle and cooler temperature. Not only will it save electricity, but it will keep your clothes in better condition.

5.    Comparison shop online

It's not just for insurance, credits cards and holidays, there are comparison shopping websites for almost everything, including food and other groceries.

6.    The Coin Jar

Research from Gocompare.com shows that 69% of UK adults use coin jars holding an average of £38.35. This money could be earning interest in a savings account, or better yet, spent! A good way to get rid of your spare change is at the self service checkouts in supermarkets. Pour in a handful of change and the machine will count it for you, then pay the remainder on your card or by inserting a bank note.

7.    Free Budget Software

One of the main obstacles to making savings in your own finances is perspective. Often people can't see the woods for the trees, and are surprised to learn how much of their money goes into something that they don't really need. The cure for this is to sign up to budgeting software like the free online service provided by Money Dashboard which will automatically categorise your income and spending allowing you to very clearly see where your money goes every month.

8.    Check Your Car

Every few months and after long journeys, check your car's oil levels. Replacing the oil regularly is cheaper than the problems that can occur if the car is not maintained.

9.    Substitute Ingredients in Recipes

Does the recipe call for something you don't usually buy and probably won't use in future? Maybe there's something you can use instead that is already in your fridge or cupboards that will have the same effect? You can also grow the herbs that you use most often on your windowsill or in your garden.

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