Top 5 budget bbqs

If you want to avoid the inevitable scramble for the last, over-priced disposable barbecue when the sun comes out, have a look at our list of barbecue bargains.

1. Tesco Retro Portable BBQ (Tesco, £20)

A budget version of the excellent Landmann Piccolino Portable Charcoal BBQ (£35), this 35cm (15 inch) diameter kettle charcoal barbecue is a perfect alternative to disposables. Not only is it compact enough for easy transport, it has a carrying handle on the lid and steel fasteners around the rim so that it can be comfortably moved around once you're there, and stable legs to stop you from charring the ground when you cook. The lid even has a built-in air vent, so you can roast or grill.

2. Kembla Charcoal Barbecue with Carry Strap (B&Q, £15)

If you want a balance between a sturdy garden BBQ and something to take on the road, you won't find a more elegant, simple and reasonably-priced option than this Kembla.

With a 49cm by 38.5 cm (19 by 15 inch) cooking grill, you get more meat room for your money, and the lid is again able to clip on as a wind shield. When the barbecue's cool, it can be packed up into a small box shape, which is handy for packing, and avoiding that rusting pile in the garden over winter. It can even be carried to your next BBQ destination using the carrying straps provided.

3. Landmann Tripod BBQ (Sainsbury's, £34.99)

For those who want their BBQ to be a fun feature as well as a functional cooking tool, this tripod BBQ from outdoor cooking experts Landmann is an excellent option.

You cook on the grill, which sits atop a chrome-plated firebowl suspended from the three 1.5m steel legs by an adjustable chain. But best of all, when you're not barbecuing it doubles up as an attractive fire pit. Perfect for evening gatherings.

4. La Hacienda Clay Chiminea Barbecue (Amazon, £51.00)

La Hacienda's Chiminea might cost a little more, but it adds oodles of style for those few extra pennies. Made of clay and decorated in a rustic Mediterranean style, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was little more than a posh-looking patio heater. Not so.

The top half of the Chiminea is removable, allowing you to insert the accompanying 36cm (14 inch) diameter grill and get barbecuing. The chimney at the top also comes with a lid, so if it does start to drizzle, your Greek kebabs will stay dry as a bone. So it's worth checking your budgeting software to see whether it's in your price range.

5. Deluxe Rectangle Steel Party Charcoal BBQ (Argos, £49.99)

Our final pick is for those who like to go all out with their BBQs. For less than £50, this substantial BBQ accommodates two different adjustable grills on a total cooking area of 112cm by 52cm (44 by 20 inch). There's a side tray for sauces or utensils, and a tray underneath for your charcoal, plates and any other accessory you might need to hand.

It might not be as pretty or mobile as some garden BBQs, but in terms of value for money, few can match it.

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