Throwing the perfect street party

Summer is here at long last, and with the garden in full bloom and the sunshine lasting well into the evening, what better time is there to try and get everyone together for a street party? It may sound daunting – and expensive – but you'd be surprised at how creative your neighbours can be. Get a communal “party fund” organised or hold a raffle to raise funds for the do, and once you know your budget, you can track your savings with our free budgeting software as you follow our savvy tips for throwing the perfect street party for less!

Become a nosey neighbour

A street party is all about meeting the local community, and the good news is, you don't even have to wait for the party to get to know your neighbours. A street party is always that much more special if you pool the talents of the residents, so talk to them well in advance and hold group meetings to find out what everyone can contribute. It might just be exchanging that factory-made cake for Mrs Baker's delicious homemade brownies, or swapping shop bought decorations for bunting and drawings made by the kids – whatever their contribution, it's sure to make the party more personal, and will save you money to boot.

Even if a guest doesn't have a flair for making things, they may be able to contribute a prize for the raffle or a bottle of something from the cellar. Make a simple list to pin up in the street to allow people to write down what they're bringing.

Bring the house down with local entertainment

It's not only nibbles and decorations that you can source locally, but it's also worth trying to uncover some local artsy talent to entertain at the party. Chances are, they'll be thrilled to have the opportunity to share their passion with their neighbours, and it's one way to truly celebrate the community you live in. So, if there's a local amateur dramatic club, or if you know of any musicians or aspiring comedians in the street, why not invite them to entertain?

With games and activities, ensure there's something for everyone. A gardening competition and a cosy seating area with nibbles is a sure-fire way to please the elderly residents of the street, whilst Frisbee, badminton, entertainment, and silly party games like “I have never” and charades are sure to entertain the younger generations. For kids, an arts and crafts session is a great way to keep them amused. Why not have a street-based theme to the kids' games, like a competition to see who can make the best “resident” puppet?

Be street smart with your finances

With an enthusiastic group of neighbours and some keen planning, there's no need for a fantastic street party to become expensive. With our intuitive budgeting software, you can link different accounts to your financial dashboard, so you can see exactly what you've got left to spend where – especially useful when you may have a few different funding sources for the party! Once you know what you need to bring (taking account of what the street residents are providing) you can also use our software to monitor what you can afford to spend with our overview of incomings and outgoings.


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