The Moving House Checklist: avoiding debt

Whether you're moving for the first time or for the 21st time, it's always a good idea to have a checklist. Having a clear idea of what you need to do before the big day doesn't just banish stress, it also helps you to avoid any unnecessary charges: saving money in the long run.

Get plenty of quotes from removal companies

There's a reason comparison websites exist, and that's because shopping around is the first lesson you learn in How to Save Money 101. Call around a few removal companies in your area, and go for the one offering the best price. Or, if you really want to save a few pounds, you can ask your friends to help out. For the price of a pizza and a few beers, it's often the cheapest option.

Get in touch with your utility companies

You should do this at least a month before you move. Most companies will take a final reading on the day you move out and send you a final bill. You don't just have to notify your telephone, electricity, and water suppliers, either. You also have to update your council tax details so that you're not over (or under) charged.

Switch services

Services like gas, electricity, telephone and internet can be expensive to disconnect and reconnect: and the costs are passed onto the customer. Some companies even charge an extra fee if you break contract early, which is almost inevitable if you're moving house. Ask if you can transfer your account to your new address: no excess charges, and no need to stress once you move into your new home.

Or switch to a new company entirely

Keep an eye on how much you're paying your utility companies with our free money management software: it might be cheaper to switch to a new provider, and moving house is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Check your home insurance policy

Make sure it will cover you from the minute you move into your new home. If anything goes wrong within the first few days of moving, you want to know that you're protected.

Have a car boot sale

Saving money isn't just about budgeting: it's also about taking opportunities to make a bit of extra cash. Moving house is a great time to declutter, and instead of chucking your old bits in a landfill site you might be able to make a few bob on them at the local car boot sale.

Stay on top of your address change

The Post Office offer a mail redirection service, which is really handy for making sure important letters don't slip through the net. They do charge a fee for this, but you can easily save money by making the effort to visit your bank, doctor, and employer and updating the details yourself. It might take a few hours but it's well worth it to get your mail on time.

There are other things to think about when you move house, of course, but if you stick to our checklist you'll be sure to avoid any nasty budget based surprises.


Posted by Marc Murphy


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