Surprised with your recent bill at the dentist?

Like many others, were you a little surprised with how much you paid the last time you visited your dentist, even for a routine check up? Or are you struggling to visit a dentist under the NHS? If the answer to either is yes, then perhaps it's time to consider going private and getting dental insurance to cover the cost.

For many people, it is getting increasingly difficult to find a dentist who will provide treatment on the NHS, whilst using a private practice can prove expensive. With dental insurance you can claim for treatment whether you choose to go privately or via the NHS. Private dental insurance contributes towards routine treatment, dental emergencies and serious dental problems. You can choose to be treated by any dentist and premiums do not increase with age.

You can claim for treatment whether you use a NHS dentist or go private. Generally, you will pay the dentist for your treatment and claim the money back from your insurer. You are also not obliged to go for a check up prior to a premium being set. Premiums are based on your age and can vary widely, so shop around.

Dental policies often will not pay for the full cost of your treatment. Most policies set maximum payouts in any 12-month period and some will only pay 75% of the treatment with an annual maximum cap. You will normally have to enrol three to six months prior to using the plan but check this with the insurer you have chosen.

Dental insurance will pay for general treatment such as crowns, root canal work, bridges, dentures and other laboratory work up to the maximum annual limits. Emergency treatment is also generally available through dental insurance plans but exclusions include cosmetic work and orthodontic treatment such as braces and implants.

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