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Students 'need savings advice'

Young people need more advice to help them build up their savings as they prepare for university, an expert has warned.

The call comes as rising tuition fees suggest that student debts are likely to increase from next autumn.

Association of Financial Mutuals chief executive Martin Shaw said: "With the introduction of new tuition fees it has never been more important for parents to start planning towards meeting the cost of education.

"However, what children need today, just as much as saving to educate, is educating to save."

Mr Shaw warned that additional student loans could see teenagers who head to university next year graduate with debts of up to £50,000.

He added that parents have a significant role to play in helping their children learn about the importance of saving.

"For example, if the parents of a student starting university this year had put aside £50 a month from birth, they would have accumulated over £20,000 in savings," he concluded.

Sam Jackson

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