Student gift ideas

When it comes to gift ideas for your friends in uni, there are lots of cool things you can buy depending on your budget.

To celebrate our Money Dashboard Uni Quiz Giveaway where a lucky student can win £200 worth of High Street Vouchers, Money Dashboard's Lisa Venter takes a look at some fun things you can buy to brighten up a friend's day without breaking the bank!

Swiss Voice Digital Phone

If you are looking for a gift for someone who has a fetish for neon, then this could be the idea you need! It may look like a piece of alien equipment for a mothership of some kind, but actually, it is a Swiss Voice Digital Phone which is available at John Lewis for £69.95. Try splitting the cost between a few friends to get the cost down per person!

Use your noodle

Quirky and functional, this Reusable Ceramic Noodle Cup is great for making sure that you are covered when it comes to whipping up a quick snack. Under £10, it is a great gift idea for a noodle-loving room mate.

Camera, action

Add a touch of glam to a friend's summer style with this much coveted camera-shaped crossbody bag from Accessorize. It may not be able to take a selfie, but you can put your camera and phone safely away in this bag until it's time to do so. A beautiful bargain at £25.00.

Make like an ostrich...

If you have a study buddy who enjoys their study breaks more than their books, then why not give them the gift of taking their nap time 'on the go'? The ostrich pillow is by far the coolest way to make like an ostrich and tuck yourself away from the world for a quick nap. At around £65, it is probably a pricier gift option but it will most certainly be a novelty that won't wear off. You could just get one for yourself...

Curry in a hurry?

Curry favour with your friends with this easy to use and follow curry kit! You can get a three month curry subscription for £20 from The Spicery on and get cooking with an amazing selection of herbs and spices. A great way to impress flat mates or give to a mate in the hopes of being invited round for a meal!

Smart cinema

Get your smart phone out and be clever with this compact Smart Phone Projector. It means that you can finally watch movies the way they were intended, transforming your home or bedroom into the big screen! At £15.95 it will be the gift that keeps giving!

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