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Smartbox insurance scheme launched

Young drivers can look forward to new car insurance scheme tailored to them by Co-operative Insurance.

A new scheme using a "smartbox" and satellite technology to track how policyholders are using their cars will lead to a "pay as you drive" system.The monitor will examine braking, cornering, speed and journey times - as accidents are more likely to take place at night for young drivers.

Every 90 days an assessment will be made, with 11% discounts available off annual premiums for careful drivers - leading to an annual saving of £328 on average.

If the smartbox shows poor driving skills, however, the premiums could go up by as much as 15% - and the policy would be rendered invalid in the event of driving bans being handed down by the courts.

There is no installation costs for the palm-sized smartbox, which will allow policyholders to view an online "driving dashboard" to monitor their own driving performance.

Sam Jackson

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