Saving Money on Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance helps you relax when travelling in the comfortable knowledge that if anything happens to you while abroad; you are both financially and medically protected. Like other forms of insurance, travel insurance involves selecting a policy that is right for you, that strikes the right balance between affordability and coverage for anything that could go wrong.

There are two main choices when selecting travel insurance, a single trip policy or an annual plan. An annual travel insurance policy is the better choice if you are the sort of person who travels more than once a year. Compared to a single trip policy it's actually not that much more expensive, so it may be worth thinking about even if you're not really sure whether or not you will be travelling later in the year. But note that most annual policies have a maximum trip length, often 30 or 31 days.

Single trip travel insurance only covers you for the trip that you specify, and it still has a built-in maximum duration. Single trip policies are cheaper than annual travel insurance, so if you travel less often, this form of policy might be a better choice.

Like all insurance policies, travel insurance has its rules. Most companies will not give you cover unless you can meet a list of their conditions, and answer their questions.

The UK has many travel insurance providers that you can find on comparison sites like and Beat that Quote. You enter your details and requirements and the comparison engines search the market for you and find appropriate policies for you to consider.

Here are some money saving tips to consider when buying Travel Insurance:

  1. It is not compulsory to buy travel insurance from your travel agent or tour operator - if they try to tell you it is necessary, report them to your local trading standards office.
  2. Buy travel insurance online. The premium charged online is often less than half what you can expect to pay in a travel agency.
  3. It is almost certainly cheaper to buy annual travel insurance if you travel more than twice a year.
  4. If you take out a travel insurance policy as a couple and then travel separately, make sure you are also covered independently.
  5. If you are travelling with children, family cover could be the cheapest option. The number of children allowed will vary between policies.
  6. Worldwide cover doesn't always mean worldwide. Double check the countries you are planning to visit are covered, as well as the country you are travelling from.
  7. If you are making a claim, most insurance companies will ask you for receipts for everything that you are claiming as lost, damaged or stolen. Keep the receipts of everything expensive or you will not be able to claim it. If your travel is business related, make sure this is covered by your policy, as some policies do not include cover for work-related travel.

With your travel insurance taken care of, you can enjoy your holiday without worry of unexpected expense.

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