Budget & Saving

Planning for the future is at heart of Chancellor's Spending Review

Saving for the future and reintroducing a culture of financial responsibility is at the heart of the announcements made by the Chancellor George Osbourne today.

Gavin Littlejohn, CEO of free online personal finance management site Money Dashboard, says: “The most important message I took from the Chancellor's announcement today was his desire to help people take control of their own money and save.

“Over the past twenty years we have become a nation of spenders and not savers. That time is over and while this review is harsh it is the reality. We have to look to the future, taking individual responsibility for our personal finances.

“For many households robust budgeting will be more important than ever. By having a clear picture of our monthly income and where that money goes it will be much easier to cope with the challenges this spending review brings.”

Sam Jackson

Money Dashboard