One in six Brits are 'rubbish with money'


Money is notoriously difficult to keep track of. Often it can feel as though there is some kind of financial wizardry going on - with cash there one minute and gone the next.

So it's not too hard to believe that one in six Brits say they're 'rubbish with money', according to thinkmoney, who provided this article. Of those asked, 16% said they're 'chaotic' when it comes to managing finances, often go overdrawn and never know where they are with money. For the self-confessed, being rubbish with money is not fun. It can result in charges for missed payments and being overdrawn, not having enough to buy what you want and not being able to go out at the weekend. No fun.

So one in six are rubbish with money - what about the rest of us?

Well actually, the majority of those asked (64%) said they are 'penny planners' who make every penny count - and one in seven would even class themselves as being a 'financial whizz'.For 6% though, the thought of being a penny planner or any sort of monetary 'whizz' probably seems ludicrous. They think that life is too short to worry about money and instead get on with "things that are more interesting", with the 18-24s being the most likely to feel this way.Before you completely write yourself off as being 'rubbish with money' or having your 'head in the clouds' when it comes to cash, it might be worth trying to mend your ways with these money saving tips.

1.    Buy second hand

These days, it seems like everyone is trying to make a bit of money flogging their stuff, so for people trying to save some cash, there's definitely potential.Check out the local charity shops. If you scout about a bit, you can find some great bargains.If you prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home instead, there are websites like Gumtree, eBay and that sell second-hand goods.

2.    Become travel savvy

If you have the option to walk or cycle to work - then do so. Not only will you save some money, you won't have to cram on to a sweaty train at 8am with all the other sleepy commuters.Some people have no choice but to drive to work and if this is you - you can still try and make some savings. Look up previous Money Dashboard articles for ways to save money on your car.

3.    Make a budget

A lot of people don't like the word 'budget': it implies restriction. However, if you budget your money you'll probably find the opposite happens and you'll have more cash to play around with.Use Money Dashboard's budget planner to view all your incomings and outgoings, as well as your treats and hobbies. Work out how much will go on bills, how much you want to put aside for savings and the rest is your disposable income - to spend as you please! Happy days.

4.    Stick to your budget

There's no point in putting in the time and effort of making a budget if you just give in at the first opportunity.That's why it's important to put hobbies and treats on the budget too, so as well a running a smooth budget, you also have money to spend on things you like to do.

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