How to Save Money (and your relationship!) on Valentines Day

Image by Dan Moyle

It's not long now until St Valentine's Day. This year it will not only be important to many to ensure that it's not missed, but also that it does not over-stretch your finances. If you've already signed up to online budgeting software, you know exactly how much your Christmas presents cost you. Here's 6 simple ideas that will not cost the Earth and if followed will ensure that you show your romantic side.

  1. Dine at Home - Going out to dinner for Valentine's Day can be very expensive. It is one of the busiest restaurant days of the year, and the prices will rise accordingly. There's no real need to go out and its often more romantic staying at home and cooking a meal for your loved one. Plan a low-budget meal and stick to something simple but delicious. Then serve it up with candles and some background music to add that intimacy required for the night.
  2. Make a personalised CD - Create a list of those songs that you have shared memories about and those songs that are favourites of your partner. It will only cost a little thought, some time and will be 'priceless' in its impact.
  3. Let there be (candle) light - Candles are a great addition to anything else that you're doing in the house on Valentine's Day. They're very romantic and they don't have to be expensive.
  4. Put your love in writing - Write it in steam on the bathroom mirror or on a poster that your partner will see when he or she walks in the door. If you want to go further, write a love letter that can be read over and over.
  5. Arrange a bouquet – Many women love receiving flowers despite the cliché but professionally arranged bouquets of roses are very costly. Why not create your own bouquet? Buy some single stem flowers from a local flower shop and arrange them prettily, tied up with a ribbon and maybe a balloon. If you have access to a flower garden, even better!
  6. Be on your very best behaviour. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter quite so much what you do for Valentine's Day as long as you do it with great intentions. Dress well, compliment your partner, avoid any potential for disagreement, etc. This doesn't cost anything at all but can make a huge difference.
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