Five expired foods that are OK to Eat


One way we lose money in the kitchen is through wasted food. If it has past its sell-by-date, it just gets thrown in the bin. However, a recent article published by claims that at least 20% of food we throw away is still OK to eat, costing the average Brit £700 per year.

Of course if the food looks rotten and smells bad, it should not be eaten, but sell by dates are cautious deadlines for supermarkets to sell the product before, and just because the date has passed doesn't necessarily mean the product will taste bad or make you ill.The following list of five foodstuffs are generally safe to eat after their sell by date according to Dana Gunders, a food scientist with the Natural Resources Defence Council.

Tortilla Chips

To prevent Tortilla Chips from drying out, keep them in a sealed container. If they start to taste stale, put them in the oven with a splash of oil and they will re-crisp.


Although yoghurt is made from milk, it doesn't go off very easily. Some brands last up to six weeks past their sell by date.


When exposed to air, crystalline fat may rise to the surface on chocolate creating a white coating. This is not rot, and is perfectly OK to eat.


Eggs must be kept below 5°C to prevent the growth of Salmonella enteritidis, so keep them in the fridge and they will last 3-5 weeks.


Milk tends to go off when it is left at room temperature and open to the elements. Put it in the fridge, preferably around 2°C, and never leave it out on the counter. Make sure it is in a sealed container and you'll find it lasts longer. Using Money Dashboard budgeting software, you can see exactly where your income is being spent. If Supermarket and Grocery shopping is a large portion of your monthly spend, then maybe you are throwing away food that's still OK to eat. Use your own judgement and trust your nose more than a printed date.

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