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Drivers saving money with car share

A fifth of drivers are cutting down their motoring costs by car sharing on a regular basis, a survey has revealed.

Car share is becoming an increasingly attractive option for motorists because of the fuel savings. Reduced wear and tear on vehicles also means fewer accidents, which translates into car insurance benefits, says the study published ahead of the nation-wide Liftshare Week.

And many drivers who share a ride believe they are helping reduce carbon emissions.

The poll of nearly 16,000 AA members showed 58% do not car share, but a quarter among them would do so if they had guarantees they could rely on the transport every time.

Others said they would choose car share if it was with someone they knew or if they had clear information on who they were travelling with.

Motorists in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Yorkshire/Humberside were found to be the most enthusiastic about car sharing regularly.

The study also showed that drivers in the 25-35 age group are most likely to give, or get, a lift every day,

AA president Edmund King said: "Record fuel prices and an ever-increasing toll of taxes and charges on car users makes car sharing such a sensible choice for car owners who find costs mounting."

Sam Jackson

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