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Card use 'shows healthy finances'

People who use their credits cards all the time are in better financial shape than those who only use them occasionally, pollsters have claimed.

Just over a third of those surveyed (35%) use their credit card every week and around a quarter use their plastic once every three months at most, YouGov SixthSense said.

However, regular use of a credit card is more likely to indicate that the person has financial stability, rather than relying on borrowing money because they are in trouble. Regular card use can also be managed with personal finance software - to ensure credit card debts do not go unpaid.

Half of the weekly credit card users say their finances are healthy; 40% of them say their finances are neither good nor bad.

Around 20% rarely use their credit card and say they are in a bit of trouble financially. The same number say they do not use credit cards at all and are in serious trouble because they are unable to pay basic living costs like bills, as well as missing loan repayments.

The research also found that while the average amount owed by credit card holders is £2,881. People who said they did not use their cards any more owed an average of £3,437 each.

Sam Jackson

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