9 Pain-free Tips on How to Budget Money for a Holiday

Image by Shazwan, Maldives

It's the New Year, a good time to think about booking your holiday. But how can you afford it having spent so much on Christmas? The following money saving tips will help you make sure you have a bit of spending money left over for your trip:

  1. Book online. You probably know this already, but online booking is a time and money saver. Many travel operators offer cheap deals if you book online, as opposed to over the phone or in a travel shop.
  2. Book mid-week or off-peak. If possible, book just before or just after a major holiday season, as hotels and flights are cheaper during the off-season. You'll also find that flights are cheaper Monday through Thurday, and more expensive at the weekend.
  3. Book flights far in advance. Often there will be good deals and bad deals for each flight, and usually the best bargains go on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, if you are keen to travel on popular dates, such as during the school holidays, then you are advised to book as early as possible before the good deals run out.
  4. Get the best exchange rates. If you are using traditional currency, avoid changing currencies at hotels, airports or ferries as they rarely offer the best rates. Use TravelMoneyMax.com to find the best exchange rate.
  5. Shop around for insurance. A quick search on the internet will throw up several insurance comparison sites. Here, you can look for the cheapest deal that is just right for you.
  6. Pick the right insurance. Resist the temptation to buy more insurance than you need. If you are planning to go skiing then it is crucial to take out sufficient insurance. However, in many cases you will not need the extra cover.
  7. Consider multi-trip insurance. If you are likely to travel abroad more than once a year, you will save yourself money by buying annual, multi-trip insurance, as opposed to a single trip policy.
  8. Don't buy too much at the airport. Many items will be sold in airports at a mark-up. Therefore, it will often save you money to buy all these things in advance from a supermarket. Generally speaking, most goods (including your holiday reading!) are cheaper to buy on the high street.
  9. Buy tickets in advance. Visiting attractions is a fantastic way to entertain the family, but can become very costly. Some places will offers deals or discounts for buying tickets online in advance, and it allows you to jump the queues on the day!

If you follow these tips, you should have extra cash for some holiday extras, so enjoy the break!

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