8 Splendid Money Saving Tips: Christmas Holiday Travel

A recent survey by Mastercard has revealed some interesting statistics about Europeans on holiday. Brits, as it turns out, are the most cautious spenders on holiday; Germans are the biggest spenders. French holiday goers are the most organized, with nine hours of preparation (compared with only two for Germans), and the Italians tend to have the most cash with them, despite the fact that they are the most worried about being robbed!

Money Dashboard has put together a list of ways to save money on your trip this winter:

  1. You don't have to travel to the ends of the Earth to get some winter sun, for a comparatively inexpensive sum, you can fly to warm holiday locations like Turkey or Egypt.
  2. Look out for package holiday deals. These can be great time-savers, and cheap deals, especially if you are looking for all-inclusive deals and not too fussy about your flight times or hotel choice. Some hotels or holiday packages let kids go free with paying adults.
  3. Some airports have cheap parking nearby and free shuttles to the terminal. Research what options are available and book your parking in advance, or better yet, get a lift from friends or family!
  4. If you're driving to your destination, see if your car is due for a service. Using the correct engine oil and replacing it periodically will improve fuel efficiency and protect your engine from wear and tear that could lead to costly repairs in future. Find the right oil for your car with Mobil 1's online “Which Oil” product selector.
  5. If you're hiring a car, avoid some of the extra fees by taking out the insurance excess cover before you go, and filling the petrol tank when you return it.
  6. It's free to sign-up for a European Health Insurance Card, so if you have any medical problems abroad, it can generally get you treatment in state-run hospitals and clinics at local rates or free of all charge.
  7. Banks and credit card companies often charge extra fees for using your card abroad. Look for specific travel credit cards or prepaid debit cards in the appropriate currency of your destination.
  8. Think about changing your money in advance! Some currency exchanges will offer better details if you reserve the money a few days ahead of schedule and it's worth shopping around to see who is offering the best rates.
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