7 budget-friendly foodie Father's Day gifts

Surprise Dad with something a little different but still on a budget...

Foodie Father's Day

Is your Dad a foodie or connoisseur of all things tasty? You can rely on Money Dashboard, your free personal finance tool, to help you round up spare change for Father's Day gifts but how about you let Money Dashboard's Lisa Venter guide you through her favourite finds for Father's Day. All weirdly wonderful of course!

1. Branded BBQ iron

Available from Firebox, this neat BBQ tool will have your Dad enjoying summer BBQs no doubt. "With fifty-two letters and eight blank spaces, this ingenious aluminium branding iron allows wannabe cowboys and cowgirls to customise their food with whatever message they fancy, from ‘Nice Rump' to ‘Dead Meat'. Char!" What better way to keep Dad happy than with this Branded BBQ iron for £14.99.

2. Sunny side egg shaper

Available everywhere, including Amazon at £6.98, this sunny side egg shaper will have Dad on cloud 9 this Father's Day. "An innovative design: just pour the egg into the circle - the egg-yolk stays in the ring and the white flows out to fill the rest of the silicon cast. Over easy!"

3. Bear claws

This fab little store called Brotique recently opened in our HQ city of Edinburgh and one of their coolest foodie gifts on offer on their online store are these BBQ bear claws at £15.00  . Brotique describes these bad boy 'wolverine' tools nicely saying: "Loosely modelled on the great Grizzly, with their natural grip and sturdy plastic ‘claws' this handy cooking accessory helps you manbear-handle your meat and toss your salads."

4. Strong Cheese Bomb

Available from the British Fine Foods website, this cheese is a must-try! "Made by Andrew Shorrock in Goosnargh near Preston, the Lancashire Bomb Cheese is a true regional classic. Matured for 24 months it has a wonderfully creamy texture and strong mature flavour, a Tasty Lancashire Cheese. It is wrapped in muslin and dipped into wax creating a distinctive cheese like no other." If your Dad is cheesy then this is the perfect gift for him! At less than £10 it's also perfect for your budget. 

5. Mini Molecular gastronomy kit

There are three unusual packages to choose from on our new favourite site Firebox:

  1. Avant-garde Spaghetti Making kit (pictured above) – harness the power of Agar-agar, a natural algae-based gelling agent, to turn any liquid into strings of delicious spaghetti
  2. Flavoured Pearl Making Kit – reshape any liquid into a beautiful mound of flavoursome spheres
  3. Flavoured Foam Making Kit – use a mighty Soybean extract to transform your chosen liquid into a light and luxurious froth

6. Pizza scissors

Prezzybox, an online store with a penchant for weird gifts, describes this incredibly useful foodie gift well saying: "These pizza scissors for £11.95 are an alternative to the traditional pizza wheel combining hardened German stainless steel and a non-stick safe nylon base. With a unique spatula on the bottom blade, simply slide under the pizza and cut. The extra long 12 cm blades slice completely through the pizza leaving you with clean-cut slices and keeping your toppings in place."

7. Crispy critters

I had to save the best for last! Available from Bush Grub, crispy critters cost a mere £3.50 a bag and are "a great gift for those who want a taste of those Bush Tucker Trials, but don't want to go as far as the jungle to taste the delights of edible insects. Oven baked for crispness and flavours, our salt and vinegar crickets make a perfect gift, secret santa, stocking filler or just a tasty snack."

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