3 essential discount apps for your smartphone

Online and in-store shopping are increasingly connected experiences, as stores rush to get buyers using their phones as part of an integrated shopping experience that encourages impulse purchases. But third parties are also harnessing mobile apps to deliver discounts and special offers that benefit consumers.


VoucherCloud is exactly what the name implies: a collection of electronic vouchers, located in the cloud. Containing a range of offers from discounts prices at fashion retailers to buy one get one free offers at fast food outlets, VoucherCloud is an excellent way to find cut-price goods and services.

Available for free on Android and iOS devices, VoucherCloud also uses location services on your phone to find deals nearby. So you won't have to travel far to find the best value, and you can finally avoid drawn-out discussions about where to get lunch when you're out and about.

As well as searching for deals by location, you can plan your shopping trip in advance by browsing through a list of highlighted offers from top brands, or searching for available deals by category. And once you've identified an offer, you can select it on the VoucherCloud website and have the voucher sent to your mobile to show in-store, all with a seamless click.


mySuperList is the Android and iOS app from the mySupermarket price comparison website, which provides a practical tool for finding discounts on your weekly shop.

mySupermarket allows you to compare offers across all of the UKs big supermarkets and, importantly, compare their prices on the products you buy week in, week out. mySuperList extends the service by letting you take your shopping list in store, and use your phone camera to scan in barcodes to check whether you're getting the best price for your groceries.

On top of the price comparison service, mySuperList also offers exclusive discount codes and cashback deals when you upload your receipt after a shop.


The Quidco model is slightly different to discounters like VoucherCloud, Groupon and VoucherCodes. Although Quidco does gather offers from selected partners, it doesn't just offer a discount. In fact, users generate cashback from all of their purchases: meaning that you receive financial rewards for your spending.

As well as collating offers and identifying participating stores nearby, the Quidco app (available on Android and iOS) keeps track of how much you spend and the cashback you accumulate. It also acts as a single app for a range of independent in-store cashback cards, so you can manage a large number of loyalty schemes in a single space. It's a bit like how Money Dashboard's money management software lets you monitor all of your spending and saving in a single space. Although you don't have to spend a penny to use our Money Dashboard service.

These apps enable you to harness the power of bulk buying to access valuable offers and cashback deals, but they can encourage impulse buying too. So it's advisable to keep an eye on your spending habits to ensure your savings aren't wasted on frivolous purchases.

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