We’re kicking off the first of our monthly newsletters with a look back at what happened in the fast-moving world of personal finance this month, delivered in short form for your consumption in 3 minutes or less.

We’ve picked out our top news stories and also some of our favourite posts from you; our readers. The aim is to keep you up to date with all the latest stories that can keep you on track for your financial goals.

So what’s been happening?

Gambling on credit cards to be banned - BBC

A new ban on gambling using credit cards has been announced. The ban applies to all types of gambling with the exception of some lotteries, such as those bought in shops alongside other products. We took a look at how the UK gambles by sector - check out the data on our Instagram.

Ministers launch financial wellbeing scheme to help savers - The Guardian

The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) has announced an ambitious 10 year plan to help Britons save. The scheme will see financial education in schools being increased and debt advice made available to 300,000 more people.

Post-election surge in UK house prices as optimism returns to the market - Moneywise

Property website Rightmove has announced a 2.6% increase in house prices this January thanks to a ‘post-election bounce’. Their data revealed a £6,875 rise in house prices, but suggested properties in the East of England were affected the most at +2.7% price increase and Scotland the worst at -1.6%.

Our favourite social posts this month:

Knowledge is better when shared, so we turned to social media to find the best words of wisdom from all the savvy savers out there spreading the financial gospel. Here are some of our favourites:

  1. MyFrugalYear (Instagram) - You are (really) not alone
  2. Terence Eden (blog) - A year of going cashless - and where it hasn’t worked
  3. MoneyMedics (Instagram) - How to get your money right in 2020

From the blog:

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Knowledge is better when shared, so we've turned to social media to find the best words of wisdom from all the savvy savers out there spreading the financial gospel.


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