Getting started

1. Sign up for Money Dashboard

Signing up is easy; click on the Sign up button, fill in the Sign up form and you’ll be taken straight into the application.

2. Add your accounts

You will then be met with the Add Account wizard which will guide you through adding your accounts. Almost all UK banks, building societies and credit cards are supported. Make sure you have all your online banking log in details with you.

3. Automated, intelligent tagging

Money Dashboard automatically tags and displays up to three months' worth of your recent transactions.

4. Examine your past. Plan your future

Our comprehensive charts will provide assistance with your personal financial planning that’s easily understood at a glance. See where your money has gone in the past, then plan for the future and stay on track using our unique budget planner.

5. Your personal financial assistant

Now that you're set up, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of having using Money Dashboard like a personal financial assistant, with all your important financial information on one easy-to-read screen.

Free Sign up

Image of an iPad showing the Money Dashboard application