Money Dashboard Features

Save money, plan and achieve your goals with our free multi-award winning money app and budget planner


You'll have all the information you need to make informed financial decisions with a clear view of how, when and where you're spending your money. We categorise everything automatically and display it back to you to give you the answers with zero effort.


We give you the bigger picture of your financial life by showing you all of your accounts in one place, no matter who you bank with. No more logging into multiple apps or complicated sums in your head - just your balances, together.

Money Dashboard connects to over 70 UK banks and financial providers, letting you instantly retrieve your balances and transactions, wherever you are.

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Create your budget plan for all the areas of spending that matter to you, in seconds. You decide the budget frequency and your target spending. We categorise everything automatically and display it back to you to give you the answers with zero effort.

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Take a look into your future and set yourself up for success by seeing your predicted income, expenditure and balances laid out in front of you. Instantly set predictions for money coming in and out of your accounts and see a forecast for where that leaves you at any point in the future.


Easily view, edit and filter through all of your transactions across all your accounts in one place. Our bespoke tagging system automatically assigns helpful categories to each of your transactions so you're not left wondering where your money went after the fact. You can also create your own categories to suit your situation.


Get a weekly spending digest every Thursday, delivered straight to your inbox. Coming soon: personalised mobile notifications to help you take action, stick to your targets and improve your financial decision making.

Balance history

Monitor your balance changes over time to see how you're progressing. Use our net balance line to get the bigger picture of your combined wealth across all accounts.

Incoming vs Outgoing

Get your total monthly incoming and outgoing amounts from your accounts and the net monthly difference.

Use it to understand how you've done each month and to drill down into the specific categories of spending which are affecting your position over time.

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