Winner - Best Personal Finance App 2017

Money Dashboard has been crowned Best Personal Finance App 2017 in the British Bank Awards!

We’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response from our community who placed us at the top alongside household names including First Direct, Zopa and Virgin Money.

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The results are based on 6,500 consumer reviews left on the Smart Money People website. Customers are encouraged to share their experiences of financial services, ranging from banks and building societies to personal finance apps.

We’d like to thank everyone who voted for sharing their experiences of using Money Dashboard. We’re delighted to hear how you’ve used our service to make your money go further and achieve your financial goals. It was hard to pick our favourite reviews but we’ve shared some of the best here.

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Reviews from Smart Money People

The Most Useful App - Finance is no longer scary!

Money Dashboard has been such a life saver for me - it has made me aware of what I am spending and where my money actually is going. It has taken so much stress out of financial management. Get this app! You will thank me for it!

Sarah Martin - 20 December 2016

I recommend it all the time

Everything about Money Dashboard is well thought out and constantly being improved. It's a breath of fresh air compared to other banking applications.

John Ellis - 16 January 2017

Top Website you Wish you Knew about Earlier - Money Dashboard

The Money Dashboard team have created here a must have addition to my life. Since starting back in 2009 it had developed leaps and bounds. The unique selling point to me is the direct safe connection to your accounts, it seems the number of other websites offering this unique central hub with professional-standard analytical tools for you to best manage your finances are sparse. I am a city worker at an investment bank trading floor and am impressed by this app. ​​ Hardly a day goes by I don't check into my Dashboard and keep tabs on where my income and expenditures are headed. With the Money Dashboard link to your accounts there is no need to input anything yourself as your balance sheet will dynamically update on request. This site has somehow made personal money management fun! Crazy huh.

Hakim Bahri - 31 December 2016

Pretty essential for family life

It's been 3 months now and I literally could not be with out it. Before, I would have 1-2 excel spreadsheets that I'd use for estimating next months expenses, totting up weekly extras and budgeting for savings, and every month would mean either a new spreadsheet or deleting the old data. I would even manually log into my banks, and look for my regular transactions and tick them off my spreadsheet... Now, I get all my transactions uploaded, I can tag and rename to my hearts content, but moreover, I can track them. Each and every monthly outgoing cost is tracked, I know exactly when it should go out how much it should be and how much it was and is, perfect! I can even look back on what I spent months ago, graphing it. I have even created a budget called 'Snack Watch' - which picks up tags for snacks I'd buy at work! THANK YOU FOR MAKING LIFE EASIER! (and more difficult to explain the large snack whole). Will

Will Olney - 24 January 2017