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Great 8.1

Money Dashboard is proud to have a 4 star ranking average on TrustPilot (as of 1st July 2016). TrustPilot is an independent review site much like Trip Advisor. It is globally recognised and is populated with first-hand user accounts of how people find products like Money Dashboard. The e-commerce review site allows anyone to become a Trustpilot user, write a review and rank products.

Take a look at some of our TrustPilot reviews and do watch our latest customer review video where Jamie McHale tells people why he uses Money Dashboard and how it has helped him to achieve his goal of buying a house recently.

Very useful

Great site, and a good app that will no doubt just get better. Highly recommended if you want to keep all your finances in one place :-)

Kevin Tootill - 30 July 2015

Excellent tool for budgeting

I've found Money Dashboard to be super useful for tracking my spending, especially the weekly email feature, which shows me a concise picture of my expenditures with no effort on my part. Great for lazy budgeting!

Danielle - 17 June 2015

Lost without it

Seamless updates to my account transactions, any issues immediately tweeted a reply to. I love the dashboard and new features, transaction predictions and multiple accounts.

Emma Garland - 7 June 2015

Great way of understanding your spending.

Money Dashboard provides an insightful tool to help visualise your spending and saving. As a very visual person being able to see graphs of my weekly and monthly expenditure has helped me plan and budget!

Sam Zawadzki - 10 April 2015

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