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Stress over 'financial instability'

More than a third of Britons feel stressed due to financial instability, according to a report.

The Financial Safety Net report by Scottish Provident revealed that around 37% of people in the UK are either stressed or very stressed as they feel they are not able to contribute enough to their savings.

Those who have no savings make up 49% of people stressing over money, while 47% of people said they could not afford to put cash aside each month for savings.

The report found that 59% of people would experience increased levels of stress if they had no income.

Susan Barclay, head of marketing at Scottish Provident, said: "Having some savings in place is important in case your circumstances change in the current climate, and getting into the regular habit of putting some money aside is great, no matter how small.

"Protection products also provide the financial safety net that is necessary for workers to help stave future financial fears in case their current circumstances change, for example if they are suddenly hit with a critical illness."

Sam Jackson

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