RBS unveils new overdraft charges

Royal Bank of Scotland customers will be charged new fees for going into the red without permission, the bank has revealed.

It has become the latest bank to change its charges, which will apply to current account holders with both RBS and NatWest from February.

RBS has also announced the launch of an "act now" text and email alert system to warn account holders when they are getting close to their overdraft limit.

The bank's current charges will be replaced by a daily fee of £6 for people who exceed their agreed overdraft limit by £6 or go overdrawn by this amount without permission.

The present 20% interest charge on unauthorised borrowing will no longer be in place, but customers will now have to pay £6 for every item that cannot be paid due to insufficient funds in their account, up from the current fee of £5.

This means the new maximum amount will be £60 a month, compared with the current £50.

RBS, which is part-nationalised, has said that most of its customers will be better off under the new system.

Susie Wands, head of overdrafts, said: "We asked our customers about products and charges and they told us they wanted them to be simple and easy to understand.

"These changes and the launch of the 'act now' alerts do just that, giving customers more control and making managing their accounts more straightforward."

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