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Product Update: New improved tagging

We've just released some new features to speed up tagging for you.

The first thing we have done is to improve the tagging engine, that's the part of the application that groups or tags your transactions when they are uploaded into your Tag Transactions panel.What you will start to see is that more and more of your new transactions coming through correctly tagged, saving you time by not having to change the tag names.

The next thing we have done is to improve the speed of the tagging tool. We received a lot of feedback about the speed of the tagging tool, making the whole process of updating your tags really slow. Well we have taken this on-board and done something about it.

We have updated the tool. It looks a bit different, not much but more importantly it's much faster. So the process of changing a tag from one to another (for example Groceries to Fuel) will now be much faster.

We hope these changes improve your experience of using Money Dashboard, let us know what you think!

Sam Jackson

Money Dashboard