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Poor roads irk Northern drivers

The poor condition of the UK's roads coupled with soaring fuel and car insurance prices is a major concern for motorists in the North, a survey has found.

Drivers in the region are the most unhappy, a survey has found, with more than half (54%) dissatisfied with the state of local roads, 83% with their car insurance premiums and 93% fed up with the soaring costs of filling up.

The Driver Satisfaction Index, commisioned by and YouGov, also found that 78% of drivers in the region felt that the Government was against them.

The survey aims to provide a snapshot of driver contentment across the country. commercial director Phill Jones said: "A car is and always will be a necessity for consumers, who rely more than ever on their vehicle to get from A to B.

"This is only made possible by a car that is realistically affordable to run, and by increasing taxes and reducing investment the Government are damaging a part of the economy which is vital to future growth."

Across the country 81% of consumers were 'very dissatisfied' with current costs, and more than half, 51%, were unhappy about potholes on roads.

While 50% felt that their car insurance premiums were a problem, and just over a quarter (26%) were unhappy with the level of local road works.

YouGov questioned 2,000 adults, of whom 1,646 were motorists between April 14 and 15 for the survey.

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