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Pension status and wealth 'linked'

A new survey suggests there is a link between pension savings and a person's socio-economic status.

While there is an 83% take-up in pension schemes among large employers or people in senior managerial roles, just 27% of those in routine occupations belong to a pension scheme.

The results of the wealth and assets survey by the ONS also established a relationship between pension scheme membership and types of household.

While almost two-thirds of married/cohabiting men without children and single women without children have a pension, only a third of single parents are planning for old age by contributing to a pension scheme.

The figures suggest low-earners could face poverty in retirement without the financial security of a pension, and might need help on money management issues if they are to find a way to contribute to a pension scheme.

The survey also found that participation in private sector pension schemes is falling, while the ONS added that some 41% of "savers" have not actually saved from their incomes in the past year.

Sam Jackson

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