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Motorists urged to drive smarter

People wanting to cut their motoring costs have been urged to driver smarter.

Transport minister Norman Baker said that by changing gears correctly and driving smoothly, motorists could shave 8% off their petrol costs.

His call comes as many families hit the road for their summer holidays, but not before ensuring their car insurance is up to date first.

The minister also suggested that clearing out junk from the car could also lead to fuel savings, and reminded drivers to make sure they checked their tyre pressure before embarking on a long journey.

Mr Baker said: "For many families, the annual holiday will be the longest trip they make all year. Applying the simple smarter driving techniques could make a real difference to fuel costs.

"In a single 500 mile trip, you could save £10 - certainly enough for a few extra ice creams to keep the kids happy."

Sam Jackson

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