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Highest savings level in North West

People in the North West have the highest level of savings, totalling £8,871, more than double the amount accumulated by those in Wales, according to new figures from internet bank Egg.

North West people also have a third of their annual pay set aside on average, registering the highest level of savings in relation to their salaries.

However, they save less every month than those in most regions, at an average of £93.

The highest monthly savings rate, at £166, and the lowest level of savings in relation to their annual salary, at 17%, are recorded by Londoners.

Those in London have accumulated the second highest level of savings, at £7,718, while the amount set aside by the Welsh is £4,253.

People in Yorkshire and Humberside, the West Midlands and Wales save less than a fifth of their salaries on average, while those living in Northern Ireland have the lowest monthly savings rate of £80.

Sam Jackson

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