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Future 'perfect storm' to hit UK

A "perfect storm" could upset the balance of UK weather in the near future, with sea levels rising beyond control, according to a Government official.

With a surge of severe weather problems, British residents might have to ensure their safety by opting for home insurance premiums to keep them covered during such an unexpected calamity.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman warned that with climate conditions changing rapidly, the country could face a "serious risk". She has said that due to the threat, the coalition Government has been working to strengthen flood defences.

Speaking to the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Select Committee in Parliament, she said: "The underlying implications of a rise in sea levels of 30cm (12 inches) by 2050 is significant, we have to plan for that.

"We need to plan for the predictable fact that there will be an increased frequency of severe weather events."

She stressed on the significance of flood protection to meet with the threat, saying that her department was looking to slash between 25% and 40% for the Government spending review.

She did not specify where these cuts would be implemented, saying that she would know following the next month's publication.

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