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Couples 'avoid discussing pensions'

Couples are keeping each other in the dark about their retirement savings, with one in three admitting they have never talked about pensions, research shows.

Some 32% of over-40s said they had no idea what pension provisions their partner has, with 22% saying they have never even discussed funding their retirement, and 10% claiming they do not know or care about their other half's money matters, insurer Prudential found.

Households with a lower income were less likely to discuss pension arrangements, with almost 75% of those who had discussed retirement finances together in the past year coming from homes with a total income of over £70,000.

Prudential investments director Andy Brown said: "It is incredible that so many people do not know the details of their partner's retirement savings.

"Essentially, this could mean millions of UK adults are banking on hope as their core retirement strategy and are approaching what is arguably the most important financial decision without a full understanding of their household financial situation."

Sam Jackson

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