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Card offers new debt payment option

People looking to pay down their debts are being targeted by MBNA, which has launched a market-leading credit card deal.

The US group's new offering features an interest rate of just 1.9% for 12 months on balance or money transfers, with no handling fee.

The deal beats 0% offers from rival credit card providers, as they typically charge a fee of 3% or 4% of the balance being transferred.

The MBNA offer, unlike most introductory deals, can also be used for money transfers, allowing users to switch cash to their current accounts to pay down overdrafts or loans.

The offer is only available online. Any transfers have to be made within 90 days of the account being opened, and interest on new purchases is charged at a typical 16.9%.

Andrew Hagger, of financial website, said: "Whilst interest-free deals allowing you to switch balances from one piece of plastic to another are almost 10 a penny, the option to use a balance transfer to clear non-card debts is a rare opportunity to save on expensive loan or overdraft interest.

"The other big plus point with this particular deal is that the usual hefty money transfer handling fee of 4% does not apply to transfers made within the first 90 days."

Sam Jackson

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