Tom & Gregor @Loqbox

LOQBOX helps you build your credit score and save £1,000s on credit cards, loans and mortgages.

Tom has over a decade of experience in personal financial services, particularly insolvency and debt management. In 2012, when his little sister was refused credit to buy a sofa, frustration with the inflexibility of the credit-scoring system drove him to start creating solutions to help people build their credit history to access fairly priced credit. Tom is regularly featured in the national press and provides expert comment for features on finance, credit and lending.

Having founded Credit Improver in 2012, we know there are thousands of people with low credit scores – or a lack of credit history – who worry about saving and borrowing. That’s why we created LOQBOX. Since then we’ve helped thousands improve their credit scores and are supported by Tech Nation and HM Treasury as a leading UK Fintech business - Tom Eyre

LOQBOX is a free tool that allows you to repair your credit history by saving a set amount each month via direct debit.

  • Save: Decide what you could save in a year. We lock away a 0% loan for that amount in your LOQBOX. Like a digital piggy bank.
  • Grow: Pay off the loan over 12 months, growing your credit score as you go to unlock better borrowing.
  • Unlock :Loan repaid, you release every penny you paid into a new bank account, and start saving on life’s essentials.

If you're looking to grow your credit score, LOQBOX could help you.