Credit Score 101

Improving your credit score.

No matter how well we manage our money there will come a point inour lives where we need to purchase something on credit. This could be anythingfrom a phone contract through to a mortgage. Preparing your credit scoreensures you don’t need to be disappointed or declined when you come to need oneof these products.

Like many of us, you have probably been declined credit at somepoint in your life. It’s inconvenient and embarrassing to be told that the"computer says 'no'" with no explanation as to why.

By the end of this course you should have a full understanding ofwhat a credit score is, how it’s used and what steps you can take to improveit. This will help minimise the chance of being declined in the future andprovide you with some actionable steps to bounce back if you’ve recently beingdeclined.

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  5. A weekly reading list of additional articles/readings to dive deeper into each lesson

Burying your head in the sand won't cut it anymore.

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