Skill #4 Training

Skill #4 Training

We've talked about tracking, targeting and trimming and how Money Dashboard can help you achieve your targets.

I hope by now you forming the picture that reversing your money woes and taking charge requires information. But it also requires you to invest in your own financial education and develop your skills by applying what you are learning.

You never wake up one morning knowing how to spend less money on things like your electricity bill let alone invest in an ISA, real estate or shares unless you start honing your financial literacy.

People who are good with their money at some point started searching the internet, reading books and magazine articles, attending short courses or seeking advice. You need to set aside time to educate yourself about how money works.

My favourite books about money management are

• The Money chimp!

• X

• Y

Over to you!

Is there anything you'd be particularly keen to learn? Money Dashboard want to support you in your financial wellbeing - so drop us a line with ideas & we'll see if we can provide some short guides!