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See your total balance across all your accounts

Connect all your accounts to have one view of all your accounts and see your net total.

Manage your bills and subscriptions

Even if they are paid across several bank accounts, you can see all your bills and subscriptions in one place.

Track your spending across categories

Compare your spending with previous months and make adjustments to spend less and save money.

Set budgets for your biggest spending habits

Once you've chosen the categories you want to save in, set up some budgets so you know how much you have left to spend.

Supported accounts

Connect to 50+ supported accounts

We connect to every major UK bank. In less than 5 minutes, have all of your accounts in one place and get instant, actionable insights into your financial life.

Success stories

What people say about us

We’ve heard stories of Money Dashboard helping people to buy their first home, get out of debt, save for a wedding. What are you going to achieve?

Other features our users love

Split transactions

Organise your transaction they way you want to.

Account transfers

Transfer money between all your bank accounts in one app.

Custom categories

Personalise how your spending is grouped and organised.

Balance warnings

Get notified when your balance is looking low and bills still due.

Spending history

Review how your spending habits have changed over time.

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