Zero to Hero

Have zero or a small amount of savings? Worried about the future?

Reach £1000 in savings with the Money Dashboard Zero to Hero Savings programme

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zero to hero  



Set goals

Money Dashboard helps you define a realistic savings amount.


Make it habit

Transfer this amount into your savings. Every Hero is given a savings account at Barclays. Your money is safe and FSCS protected.


Tracking Progress

Use Money Dashboard to monitor your progress towards your £1,000 target.


Become a Hero

Reach £1000 in savings. Celebrate. You deserve it! No more worrying about your lack of savings.

Why Money Dashboard?

Savings support.

We offer a programme tailored to your situation. Saving is hard especially in the early stages, but we are here to support you every step of the way. 

Full Visibility.

With all your accounts in one place, track your spend alongside your savings to control your finances and smash your savings goals. 

Withdraw at anytime.

Stick with the programme until you reach £1,000. You can access your savings at any point if needed. Instantly. 

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Our Savings Account

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Instant access


Free & easy programme


£1 min deposit, withdraw anytime


FSCS protected

Challenge your friends

Save together. Refer your friend, track each other's progress and support one another as you reach your savings goals, together.

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Money Dashboard is helping people achieve their goals

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