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A unique way to search, leaving no credit footprint! At Money Dashboard we're committed to making your financial life easier.

This includes helping you to achieve more of what you want from life and to fulfil your goals efficiently and responsibly. That's why we've partnered with Freedom Finance to introduce to you this unique approach to help you find the perfect loan. It's a more effective way for people like you who want to borrow money to search a large panel of lenders to find the best loan rates for your circumstances, whilst protecting your credit rating.

Remember by using our free budgeting software you can always confidently stay on top of your finances. Freedom Finance will save you time by helping you find a cheap personal loan that’s tailored to your individual needs and you may reduce your monthly outgoings in the process.

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Personalised results

You will be provided with quotes for loans you are accepted for.


Check that you have been accepted before applying.

No credit footprint

Freedom Finance use a soft search that will not affect your credit in any way.

Save time

You will only have to enter your details once.

How it works

Freedom Finance's simplified personal loan search and application process has been uniquely designed to provide you with an individual, professional and reliable experience.

You will receive free quotes that are tailor made to match your own personal situation. Your credit rating will also not be affected until you make a firm application for a loan.

"We managed to buy the kitchen we had always dreamed of"

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Typical and Representative APR

Unsecured loans from £500 - £15,000

Representative 16.9% APR variable - (Rates from 9.1% to 161.3% APR)

Secured loans from £3,000 - £200,000

Typical 17.2% APR variable - (Rates from 10.1% to 37.5% APR)

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