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August 30, 2019

What's New?

  • Click on an account in the sidebar to view all transactions from that account
  • Added ability to change a transaction date to allow inclusion in the chosen budget cycle
  • Refreshed visual breakdown of second / third level tags in 'Spend by Category'
  • New Balance History trend line showing forecasted future balance from current spending
  • Planner predictions marked as paid are now reflected as such in the ‘Calendar’ view


February 13, 2019

What's new
  • New widget on the dashboard to show you your top merchants in the current month
  • Updated UI for the accounts sidebar
  • New categories view on the transactions screen grouped by month
  • UI structure updates to the transactions screen for mobile sized screens
  • Added password confirmation when deleting transactions to reduce accidental deletions
  • Update to spend reports data to show more relevant and accurate results
  • Fixed an issue where marking an account as closed wasn't being reflected on your account screen
  • Fixed an issue where updating your email wasn't working. This process now requires you to log back in to confirm your identity
  • Fixed the issue where you could split transactions and add values which totalled to a higher amount than the existing transaction value


January 30, 2019

What's new
  • Separated date filters for the Timeline and Merchants view on transactions
  • Re-enabled custom date ranges on the Timeline date filter dialog
  • Updated the navigation bar so that smaller devices can see the full navigation
  • Fixed an issue where the close icon wasn't being displayed on certain dialogs
  • Fixed an issue where the transactions filter bar actions couldn't be seen tablet sized screens
  • Fixed an issue where the untagged transactions summary was miscalculating the number of untagged transactions


January 23, 2019

What's new
  • Added chat widget to add account flow for easy access to support
  • Members link added to top navigation to see your Member Shares
  • Updated filter bar order on transactions
  • Updated interaction for transaction rows so you can click on the description and tag for easy edit access
  • Custom date ranges added back in for the timeline view on transactions
  • Increased contrast positive transactions so the transaction information is more visible
  • Improved UX for top navigation


January 9, 2019

What's new
  • New transactions UI
  • Transactions is now split into 2 views: Timeline & Merchants
  • Updated multi edit toolbar on transactions
  • New quick access transactions dialog added across application
  • Choose between a merchant or bank logo on transactions


December 3, 2018

What's new
  • Updated help menu in top navigation
  • Updated contact support flow


November 23, 2018

What's new
  • Added spend report feature for new users
  • Added account setup checklist widget to dashboard for new users
  • Updated widget order for dashboard
  • Unknown merchants are now grouped into "Other" merchant


October 30, 2018

What's new
  • Updated top navigation and sidebar
  • UI updated across the application to light theme style
  • Merchants added to transactions
  • Performance & bug fixes


October 18, 2018

Performance & Bug Fixes
  • Planner not showing future dates correctly


October 12, 2018

What's new
  • Updated balance history chart UI
  • New date of birth input fields during sign up
  • Added icons to widget resize menu so it's easier to see what size the widgets can be
  • Updated dashboard layout on different screen sizes
  • Unbudgeted spend button added to budget screen to see what spend isn't included in your budgets
  • New dashboard tour for new users


September 26, 2018

What's new
  • Monzo joint account support
Performance & Bug Fixes
  • Joint accounts not returning transactions


August 30, 2018

Performance & Bug Fixes
  • Transactions widget settings not persisted
  • Monzo transfers to pots have incorrect description


August 24, 2018

What's new
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 9.1

August 22, 2018

New integrations
  • Monzo is now available to connect
  • Monzo pots are displayed under savings goals
What's new
  • Choose which dashboard widgets are displayed with the visibility toggle in the top navigation
  • You can now resize your dashboard widgets
  • The balance history widget now displays the largest incoming and outgoing transactions when the tooltip is displayed
  • The balance history widget now displays the largest incoming and outgoing transactions in the tooltip. The number of top transactions can be customised in the widget settings

Version 9.0

July 24, 2018

New integrations
  • Starling Bank is now available to connect
What's new
  • New savings goal account type for Starling Bank

Version 8.2

May 25, 2018

What's new
  • New calendar feature on planner
  • Accounts can now be re-ordered on the manage accounts screen
  • Accounts can now be completely hidden from accounts sidebar from individual account settings
  • Budgets are easier to re-order on the budgets screen
  • Your planner preferences are remembered for the next time you log in
  • Further improvements to the design and experience
  • Updated contact support flow with easier access to help articles
  • Updated onboarding journey
  • Improved settings screen to manage your account and preferences
Performance & Bug fixes
  • CSV download now reflects account filter settings

Version 8.1

March 14, 2018

What's new
  • Choose the balance line colours in your balance history widget
  • Option to include or not include offline sources in your balance history widget
  • The net balance line now takes into consideration your filtered out accounts
  • Add your accounts and offline sources anywhere from the accounts sidebar
  • New colour for incoming transactions and predictions across the app to distinguish them from outgoingsImproved design consistency across the app
  • Transaction widget displays more of the transaction description and tag name
  • Improved UI for when you split your transactions
Performance & Bug fixes
  • Planner account summary now displays your account balances for any date in the future
  • Fix for In/Out graph date navigation

Version 8.0

January 16, 2018

What's new
  • Powerful new tagging engine to categorise more of your transactions
  • Choose your preferred colour and icon for custom tags (Settings > Manage Tags page)
  • Future support for showing merchants / retailers for transactions
  • New planner widget
  • Improved dashboard design and interaction
  • Improved sidebar and menu bar for quicker loading
  • Improved mobile accessibility
  • New multi-edit UI on Transactions page
  • New 'add account' screens and flow
  • Better accessibility for 'offline accounts' e.g. cash
  • Improved budget history with more useful information

Version 7.1

October 1, 2017

What's new
  • Mark an upcoming prediction as 'already paid'
  • Add existing transactions to your planner (as a new prediction)
  • Infinity scroll of upcoming predictions
  • Toggle historic predictions on / off
  • Account colours now included in account selectors
  • Visual improvements to budgets & tag selector

Version 7.0

August 31, 2017

What's new
  • See where your total balance will be at any date in the future
  • Optionally link predictions to a specific account (inc. credit cards & savings)
  • Automatically add recurring weekly or monthly transactions
  • Manually add one-off or regular expenditure as predictions
  • New cleaner look for budget summaries
  • Improved UI for budget history with clickable information
  • Dedicated warning showing any duplicated tags in budgets
Performance & Bug fixes
  • Faster login, dashboard loading, and page loading
  • Minor bug fixes for pie chart & 7 day widget on dashboard
  • Transactions CSV export uses any active filters (e.g. date or tag)

Version 6.1

June 27, 2017

What's new
  • Transactions now have infinity loading
  • Transactions summary in header
  • Multi-edit & Split transaction improvements
  • Delete duplicate transactions within Transactions > Multi-edit
  • New tag selector dialog with dedicated coloured icons
  • Searched Tag list shows the 'parent' category for ease of reading
  • Searching Tag selector can be navigated with keyboard
  • Improved tag selector keyboard accessibility
  • New menu & accounts sidebar on smaller devices
  • Budgets calendar more accessible
Performance & Bug fixes
  • Faster logging in and loading the dashboard
  • Quicker page load times on budgets, transactions & in-out
  • Rendering performances site wide

Version 6.0

March 26, 2017

What's new
  • Faster process for adding, editing & refreshing accounts
  • Offline sources (e.g. cash savings) now appear in accounts
  • Brand new account syncing system, front-end & server-side
  • More data loaded when adding new accounts
  • Site is fully accessible on mobile browsers
  • Notifications for account syncing
  • Feedback moved to the top menu bar
  • New clearer UI across the site
Performance & Bug fixes
  • Option to change Budget start date clearer
  • In vs Out pie-chart details shown over graph

Version 4.2

December 8, 2016

What's new
  • Outgoings by tag can show top level tag spending (inc. sub-tags)
  • Outgoings by tag has "inc. credit" option
  • Pie-chart (Outgoings by group) has toggles for 2nd tag level
  • All budgets history for previous months
  • Longer budget history of 6 months displayed vertically
  • Overspent budgets go red but stick to the maximum height limit
  • New top level tag "Transfers" has its own icon & unique colour
Performance & Bug fixes
  • Cashflow has a 6 month frequency available everywhere
  • Cashflow summary information stays on screen
  • Disabling 3rd level tags is remembered (Settings > Customise Tags)

Version 4.1

November 16, 2016

What's new
  • Transactions last 7 days bug fixes
  • Transactions widget re-sorted by date
  • Widgets are easier to re-arrange and stay
  • Filters / Toggles for level 1 and 2 tags
  • Easier to use tag selector
  • Date ranges shown in budget history
  • Incoming & outgoing toggles on Transactions screen
Performance & Bug fixes
  • Improvements in page load across the app

Version 4.0

October 30, 2016

What's new
  • Custom tags - create any tag you need
  • Simpler tagging structure & tag selector
  • Top level tags can be used, e.g. Bills
  • Unified tags, refunds can be tagged with spend tag
  • Net spend for tag shown in budgets and optionally spend chart
  • Global setting to show/hide level 3 tags
  • Untagged can now be tracked
  • Top level tags (inc. their sub tags) can now be tracked
  • Weekly equivalent shown for budgets
  • New budget summary widget
  • Merged Transaction & 7 day widget
  • Navigation & UI improvements
Performance & Bug fixes
  • Recurring transaction bug fixes
  • Incoming prediction bug fixes
  • Predictions > 3m bug fixes
  • Offline items and mobile web bug fixes
  • Backend performance upgrades

Version 3.1

September 20, 2016

What's new
  • Support for weekly & 4 weekly time periods
  • Showing how far you are through your current budget
  • Further budget summary improvements
  • Return of the Cashflow menu
  • Calendar shows 2 months of predictions underneath
  • My Accounts visual improvements
Performance & Bug fixes
  • Bug fixes in both calendar and graph
  • Fixed for Safari web browsers
  • Backend login improvements

Version 3.0

August 9, 2016

What's new
  • New clearer menu system
  • Editable "apply to similar" rules (Settings > Tagging Rules)
  • In-line updates for "my other items"
  • Custom start dates for Budgets
  • Percentages for easier viewing
  • Unified Cashflow pages
  • Quick date filters
  • Easier search / filtering
  • Older transactions more visible
  • Help guides on all screens
  • Improved untagged management
  • Better new user sign-up process
  • Further styling improvements
Performance & Bug fixes
  • Backend performance enhancements
  • Fixed for Safari web browsers
  • Backend login improvements
  • New system emails

Version 2.12

June 8, 2016

What's new
  • New Budget Tracker page
  • New layout, re-arrangable trackers
  • Notices when tags are tracked in 2 budgets
  • Transaction screen can be filtered by multiple tags (using semi-colon)
  • Performance increases and faster page loads
  • Small UI and styling improvements

Version 2.11

May 9, 2016

What's new
  • Auto-suggest budgets from last month's spend
  • Add single tags or categories to budgets
  • Edit budget tags quicker
  • Click through to see transactions associated with budgets
  • Transaction screen can be filtered by multiple tags (using "|")
  • New backgrounds and selector (under "Settings")
  • Add Account helper guides per bank
  • Untagged transactions count from last 3 months
  • Further styling and interface improvements
Performance & Bug fixes
  • Mobile web - refresh accounts from balance screen
  • Future planner fixes for recurring transactions

Version 2.1

March 25, 2016

What's new
  • New cleaner UI with photo background
  • Transactions screen - remembers filter options after tagging
  • Better icons for easier understanding (settings, expand/contract, help)
  • Guided add account instructions and fewer steps
Performance & Bug fixes
  • Performance increases and faster page loads
  • Several Dashboard fixes (7 day spend, clicking through doughnut charts)