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We currently empowering 200,000+ users to achieve their goals. At Money Dashboard, we believe you and our community are our greatest strength. That's why we've teamed up with Crowdcube again to set aside a portion of this funding round so you have the opportunity to be a part of our success.

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We do what we promise

Money Dashboard is the UK’s leading personal finance management app and empowers over 200,000 people to make better financial decisions and achieve their goals.

Since our massively successful crowdfund in 2017 we've:

* Secured our FCA license to operate as an AISP
* Partnered with GoCompare for landmark innovation
* Increased our active user base by 20% YoY
* Won best personal finance app 2017 & 2018
* Grown our technical & commercial team

Which has allowed us to double our revenue to over £1M ARR & increase shareholder value by X%

We're raising £XM & want you to be involved

When most companies want to raise funds to grow, they offer institutions and venture capitalists the chance to grow with them, first.

We, at Money Dashboard are different...

and we have big plans...

We're raising funds to help us go even further.

Your investment will help us
* Grow our data business to deliver $10M+ revenue by 2022
* Develop our retail data sales opportunities
* Roll out our open APIs
* Invest in marketing to grow our user base 10x within 5 years to 1.25M users

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The market is at the perfect place & we estimate growth of X by Y meaning this is a great time to join as an investor.

Owned by our community

We’ve built our entire ethos around putting banking in your hands and so we think it’s only fair, when we have an exciting opportunity, that we come to you, our valued and loyal user, first.

In 2017 over 1,700 people from 6 continents invested £1.5 million to help us take Money Dashboard to the next level.

Now it's your turn

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Head of Growth

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Head of Data Science

Raonull Mackinnon

Head of Sales

Vamsi Kamini

Senior Software Developer

Maria Anaplioti

Insights Analyst

Sean MacNicol

Engagement Manager

Lukas Alius

Software Developer

Brodie Petrie

Accounts Manager

Graeme Stewart

Test Analyst

James Anthony

Software Developer

Stuart Walker

Product Designer

Rob Jackson

iOS Developer

Calum Lavery

Business Analyst

Chris Dryden

Senior Insights Analyst

Sally Haworth

Community Development Exec.


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