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We can offer you a lower price. Insert the exact URL (from where you found the product you want to buy. And we'll make you an offer with a lower price.It's that simple.

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How we offer a better price?

Our aim is to provide you with a better offer.

When you've found an Amazon item and are ready to buy, you provide us with the Amazon URL for this item. We then review the total price (including the delivery cost) and create a unique offer that is lower than this 'total price', for the exact same product.

We only use legitimate UK based merchants.

Why should I use this?

You're probably thinking that there are many websites offering discounted products online. Voucher codes, coupons and cash-back websites to name a few - the issue with these being you rarely find a discount for the exact item you would like and then end up considering lower-cost alternatives.

However with our unique approach we will provide you with a better offer for the 'exact item' you select.

All you have to do is tell us the Amazon URL of the item you want.

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