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If you are one of those who has registered with Money Dashboard but not loaded your accounts then you may be interested in our new Demo Accounts. Our new Demo Accounts are an opportunity for you to try out Money Dashboard and to see the benefits of it before you start adding your own personal bank accounts.

We have developed a set of accounts which you can load into Money Dashboard, this includes a Current Account with 60 days worth of transactions, a Savings Account and a Platinum Credit Card. Once you have loaded these you will be able to treat these in exactly the same way as any of your accounts:

See the accounts and the transactions against these accounts such as food purchases, payment of utility bills, payment of your credit card bill and transfers into your savings accounts. Categorise the transactions in Tag Transactions so you can see where the money is going Set Budgets based upon the transactions that have been made in the past And finally compare the spending with the budgets you have set in Track Spending

To get started:

If you haven't registered, then go to and go through the Money Dashboard registration process. Once you have your details, login to Money Dashboard. The Setup Wizard will automatically run the first time you login. On the first panel of the setup wizard, type in “MDB” in the Provider box. This will give you a bank and a credit card to add. If you have already registered then go into your Account form via MyProfile > Accounts, or go to Wizards > Add Accounts and type in “MDB” in the Provider box. This will give you a bank and a credit card to add.

Your Feedback

Let us know what you think about our new feature by leaving us a message on the forum.

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Money Dashboard

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