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A few weeks ago we asked for your thoughts about what you would like to see in your Dashboard and based upon your fantastic response and feedback we were able to create a new Dashboard with the features you wanted to see. We followed it up with a second survey which included images of the new design and features. Again, we had a fantastic response, and best of all it sounds like we got most of it right.

The highlights from the survey were:

Most of you like the new Dashboard. It's not clear to a number of you the difference between Balances and Cash at Bank, so we need to work on that. There was a real mix as to how people wanted their accounts sorted, some wanted their accounts sorted on Bank and others wanted their accounts sorted on value. So we are going to give you the option.

You also gave us loads of really useful feedback about what other features you would like to see in Money Dashboard including:

More explanation of some of the features in Money Dashboard such is the Track Spending graph and what overspend means The ability to drill down into your spending so you can understand better where your money is going A simplified user interface Support for more banks And many more

Based upon your feedback we are now full steam ahead with the new Dashboard, again thank you for all your really useful feedback. The new Dashboard will be available soon.

Your feedback

We always want to hear your feedback so please keep it coming by emailing or use the feedback button in Money Dashboard.

Sam Jackson

Money Dashboard

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