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As you may have noticed, Money Dashboard have started providing daily news from the finance industry on our Money Tips blog. To read some of the latest news just click on the Money Tips tab at the top of the page. We're glad to see that these news articles are now appearing on Google News. But don't worry, we're still going to be providing the public with our saving tips and money-saving ideas on the Money Tips blog and on our Money Experts twitter feed.

Additionally, our CEO Gavin Littlejohn will regularly be submitting money saving and personal finance tips to Men's Health Money section and The Scotsman's Business section.

We have been concentrating our search engine optimisation to attract traffic for search terms relating to personal finance, as we feel that people who are interested in personal finance, or want to improve their personal finances, are exactly the sort of people who we want to find our website, and who will get the most benefit from our application. At the time of writing, we are appearing at number seven on the Google UK search engine results page, for a search for “personal finance” and number two on the corresponding page for “personal finance software”. We feel this is an achievement, and it shows that Money Dashboard is attracting links from other relevant websites naturally.

We've also recently tidied up the Money Dashboard forum, to make it a little easier to navigate for users. On the forum, you can read and comment on the latest company news and product updates, post support questions and raise issues, make suggestions to Money Dashboard, or just chat with other MDB users about saving tips, personal finance blogs, or whatever you want to talk about!

Keep your eyes peeled for some Money Dashboard promotional and instructional videos in the near future, and be sure to check in every now and then for the latest saving tips or finance news.

by Mike Hall, Marketing

Sam Jackson

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