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Last month we introduced you to the Ways to Save section within the Money Dashboard application. As you may recall, Ways to Save is the area that we plan to help you save money, through money saving tips and assistance with understanding the basics of various financial products that we all need to consider. Once you have done that we will make it easy for you to review some options and if you decide to proceed you can do so in a matter of minutes without leaving your seat!

Over the last month have you spotted the subtle changes that are making this area more prominent? We hope so and the feedback received to date has been very encouraging from the users who have clicked through on the new links.

We have also added a completely new section on Life Insurance, including an explanation of the Basics and some Top Tips. If you have dependents, you really should check it out the next time you log into your account.

In the coming weeks a new section will also be added on Debt Management and we will also be introducing a Cashback and Discount Vouchers section. If you haven't considered the latter before make sure you visit the Cashback section in Ways to Save. We guarantee they will save you money!

As mentioned last month, as a result of any sales, we will receive a commission from the organisations that the sales originate from. It is these payments that will help fund Money Dashboard to continue to develop and provide you with the service you expect at no cost to yourself. We therefore do hope you take advantage of what is on offer.

Finally, thank you for the feedback received following the last article on Ways to Save. We don't want Ways to Save to develop without input from our users, so please feel free to send us more feedback and comments on what you would like to see here in the future.

by Alan Gill, Business Development Director

Sam Jackson

Money Dashboard

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