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Wild parties thrown by teenagers have wrecked their parents' homes to the combined tune of £14 million, a survey suggests.

The poll, by Allianz Insurance, showed that out-of-control parties had resulted in home insurance claims for around 17% of parents.

The average claim made for damage and accidents was £117, the research revealed.

Topping the list of teen-party problems were rubbish and mess. This was followed by broken furniture and trampled gardens and plants.

But stains on the carpets from spilt drinks and burns on the sofa also ranked highly.

Parents worry that teenage parties are more likely to get out of control now compared with when they were young, with 65% saying they think it is dangerous for teenagers to advertise their parties on social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo, something 11% of teenagers have done.

A third of parents claim they have even monitored their child's activities on these sites to spot if they are planning a party.

Around 36% of parents said they would inform another teenager's parents if they were planning to hold a party at their home and they thought they did not know, while 29% would call the police if a party was getting out of hand on their street.

But only 31% would stop their son or daughter going to a party at a friend's house if they thought the friend's parents did not know about it.

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