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As mentioned in previous articles, the Ways to Save section within the Money Dashboard application is the area that helps you with saving money, through money saving tips and assistance with understanding the basics of various financial products that we all need to consider. Once you have done that we will make it easy for you to review some options and if you decide to proceed you can do so easily directly from the Application itself.

Recently we added two new sections: Debt Management and Cashback & Vouchers. Debt Management aims to help the growing number of people facing debt related issues, with the most important point being to recognise that it needs to be dealt with. Cashback & Vouchers aims to highlight how you can save £100s of pounds if you shop online and take advantage of offers that are readily available and easy to access. Check these out the next time you're logged into Money Dashboard.

In due course we also plan to bring to your direct attention opportunities that are relevant to your own individual circumstances and not bother you with others that are not. We all know that the latter can be very frustrating and is something we are very keen to avoid.

We also want to be completely transparent with the importance of Ways to Save to Money Dashboard. As a result of any sales, we will receive a commission from the organisations that the sales originate from. It is these payments that will help fund Money Dashboard to continue to develop and provide you with the service you expect at no cost to yourself. We therefore hope that from time to time you will have a look through Ways to Save and find some products or services that will help save you money or make you more efficient with what you spend. That way you will not only help yourself but also help Money Dashboard to continue to provide you with a fantastic free service.

Finally, we don't want Ways to Save to develop without input from our Users, so please feel free to send us feedback and comments on what you would like to see here in the future.

by Alan Gill, Business Development Director

Sam Jackson

Money Dashboard

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